Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s ruinous corporate-driven policies have been focused most keenly until now on high-poverty, urban districts where corporate “reform” takeover strategy has assumed–and assumed incorrectly–that a prevalence of fear, despair and disengagement would ensure submission to draconian, destructive measures that ignore the science of education, strip our educators of authority, deny our children’s individuality, and generally leach our public-school resources and divert them to corporate interests. Now that the ambit of the corporate takeover has expanded to more privileged areas, with the launching of the undemocratic Common Core “State” Standards initiative, Duncan is trying to quash growing opposition to his mass-scale child abuse, and shut off the voices of middle-income families, as well. His tactic: resorting to class-baiting and misogyny or, in other words, the time-hallowed divide-and-conquer, resentment politics of a crooked ruling class. “Fascinating,” indeed, if you are a conscienceless robot. Outrageous, if you have human intelligence and heart.

Also, some of my best friends are white, suburban moms. Mr. Duncan, you are setting a very bad example for their children and for ours, here in the city. Most of us are trying to educate against prejudice. Won’t you join us?

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